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Posts from the ‘iPad’ Category

Leo’s Pad

In my last post (that was over a year ago!) I wrote that I would be switching gears to review “non-iOS non-kids non-learning games”. Well, sometimes life has things in store for us beyond what we plan. Instead of playing non-kids games, I went to work for Kidaptive who develops Leo’s Pad iPad appisodes for preschoolers. I had a fabulous time doing production and design work with Leo (the fictional character inspired by Leonardo DaVinci) and the Kidaptive crew. I left Kidaptive realizing how important characters and story are to children’s educational content, and also to me as a designer. Read more

Sid the Science Kid Read & Play for iPad

I’m back! SIGGRAPH and summer travel kept me away from playing games. After this post I’m going to switch gears and start reviewing some non-iOS non-kids non-learning games. But, before changing things up I wanted to review Sid Read & Play because it was recently released and I wanted to see if there were any differences between it and the older iPad learning games I’ve been playing. Read more

Rosita’s Jump Count

When I read that Sesame Workshop partnered with IDEO to create some apps I was thrilled! I look to them as leaders in children’s educational media and human-centered design, respectively. And such, I expected big things from their partnership. To be fair, I haven’t played all of their apps, but I did play Rosita’s Jump Count and I was disappointed. Read more

Doodle Dots

If a police detective is only as good as her informants than a games user researcher is only as good as her play testers (sorry, I just watched an episode of The Wire). In this blog post I introduce my latest play tester, Ashton. Ashton is awesome – and not just because he works for me in exchange for cupcakes. His little hands and eyes pick up on things I would never do, think of, or see. Read more

Rules Tina Plays By

Tina has started playing games!  Each blog post will focus on one game, and will follow the format of this post.  I’ll start out with a prose description of my experience playing the game.  I’ll aim to say witty and insightful things, but that won’t always happen.  I’ll include some details not covered in the categories below such as what I thought about the mechanics, story, art and so forth. Read more